Scheduled Maintenance

Ocean Concord Maintenance Schedule

  • The Ocean Concord has an annual 3 – 4 week winter maintenance tie up that normally occurs at dockside to address any mechanical issues experienced the previous year or items that are due for overhaul. During this tie up, the Main Engine turbo charger gets overhauled and/or cleaned, the Aux Generators are surveyed by Caterpillar and maintained as directed. Refrigeration System is completely overhauled annually.
  • Complete dockside in water paint job every 12 months.
  • Every 2 years the Main Engine has a top-end overall, underwater dive survey and anodes replaced as required.
  • Every 4 years the Main Engine has a Complete Overhaul.
  • Every 5 years the vessel is drydocked for a complete out-of-water hull inspection and completely painted inside and outside while dry docked.
  • Every 10 years, or earlier, the tail shaft is pulled and class inspected to TC/DNV requirements.
  • The Main Gear Box was completely dismantled and overhauled in 2014.
  • All cooling lines, piping and hull plating is Ultra Sounded on an annual basis and replaced as required.
  • The Main Deck Winches were overhauled and drums replated during 2016/2017 winter tie-ups.
  • The Accommodations are upgraded on an annual basis.